The services provided in the segment cover:


Ø  Business start-up and raising seed capital

Ø  Corporate financial planning and re-engineering

Ø  Floatation  of  shares  and  securities  in  local  and  overseas  Stock  Exchanges.

Ø  Privatization

Ø  Mergers and acquisitions

Ø  Management buy-in and buy-out advice.

Ø  Facilitating foreign investment by:


o    Environmental assessment and briefing

o    Prospectus, project, and sensitivity reports

o    Feasibilities studies and overheads review

o    Due Diligence

o    Foreign Exchange Advisory

o    Commercial contractual issue consultation


Ø  Secretarial and Corporate Compliance and reporting services

Ø  Consultation on Corporate Government Compliance

Ø  Studies on relocation and diversification


The Firm with commercially oriented specialists would provide services which are aimed at meeting clients total corporate finance needs right from planning to flotation and beyond and irrespective of size, location and types of business.